We’re not entirely sure why, you’ll understand, but BMW says it’s one in a series of stunts it has pulled this year to “break existing human records” with the M2 Competition.

In its latest attempt, BMW decided to take on a record set by Brooklyn, New York’s Ashrita Furman, who in 2016 popped 60 balloons in one minute using a hand-held blue laser.

So BMW fitted a Spyder III Krypton blue laser of its own to the front of the M2 and set a pro driver loose in a tight course in the shape of the BMW M logo festooned with balloons.

BMW doesn’t say how many balloons it blew up and arranged in the indoor course, but by the end of the highly-edited video below, we learn the M2 and its driver popped 79 balloons in 60 seconds, handily breaking Furman’s record.

BMW’s ultimate balloon popping tool is a RWD coupe powered by a turbocharged inline six-cylinder that makes 410 hp and 406 lb-ft of torque, increases of 45 hp and 63 lb-ft compared to the standard M2. But as the video demonstrates, the M2 Competition is built for agility as much as speed.

Unsurprisingly, this isn’t the first balloon-related record:

In 2008, David Ashford and Charles Ferrand of the UK popped 100 balloons in 12.25 seconds, a feat that differs from BMW’s latest record by dint of its involving two people.

Last year, David Rush of Boise, Idaho set a record for popping three balloons while blindfolded in 1.37 seconds.

In 2007, a group called OC&C Strategy Consultants popped 1,000 balloons in 8.78 seconds as part of its annual International Training Week.